Bitte redet über mich

10.-12. Mai 2019 — Giftraum, Berlin
Eröffnung am 10. Mai 2019
Das Giftraum
Donaustr. 119, Berlin

Fragment 1/2019

Ori Jauch sits, stirring ice cubes in a glass of Radler because his fridge doesn't work and he wants a cold drink. Nervously, he tips his finger on the armrest, such as each tic might zapp through another reality.
Or like the mesmerizing snap of a hypnotist directing into deeper levels of trance.
Or as an acknowledgment of fading time.
"It's the rhythm of a dripping tap— it's a defect", he resumes for himself. He grabs a coin from the table right before him and spins it in his fingers. The noise of the coin touching the amrest calms him. He thinks about creating a philosophy centering little noises to relax and contemplate your own existence.
The thought kicks him out of his tunnel. Only internet is more mesmerising than repetitive sounds he hopes and opens his computer. “What's missing is strategy” states a headline he reads on a newspage about Deutsche Bank and he can instantly relate. "I didn't came here for truth", he rants, puts the computer aside and starts ticking on the armrest again. He tries a more advanced rhythm, adds another finger, but doesn't last long, as music is just really not his thing as he always assures himself after trying anyways and thinks to see a failed attempt again.
Internet he thinks, and finds a guided alpaca tour in Berlin, which seems well overpriced with 59 Euro, but internet trends are monetizable he remembers and wonders what he could monetize now.

Kampf um die Sinnlosigkeit, C-Print im Leuchtkasten, 2019

Fragebogen Nr. 1, 40x50cm, 2019
Fragebogen Nr. 2, 40x50cm, 2019
Ausstellungsansicht, "Bitte redet über mich", 2019

Sitzgruppe (Banner), aus: Tatorte meiner Verfassung, 300x160cm, PVC Banner, 2019